Why legacy software drives people crazy

Kiandra - 23/08/2021
At the beginning of each engagement we ask our clients what the sentiment is on their legacy software.

Legacy systems are outdated computing software still in use, and often its older technology won't allow it to interact with newer systems. You can imaging the gripes that come with using these antiquated systems.

In fact, we thought we’d round up the top five most common reasons we’ve heard from our clients on what drives them the craziest.

1.  Needing to do workarounds as the business evolves. Business is constantly changing and monolithic apps often can’t keep up with the change, which forces people to find workarounds, which wastes time and is, frustrating.

2. It takes too long to make a change. The process of raising, gaining approval, making the change, testing, deploying can take up to a year in some cases as the release cycles are so long.

3. Lack of intuitive workflow. Illogical sequence of steps, repetition or completing a task and not knowing what happens next, this result in mistrust of the system and people keeping backup spreadsheets to cover themselves, which isn’t so good for cyber security.

4. Buttons and links no longer in use making it impossible to train a newbie, not to mention no user manuals, or worse – a user manual that is not up to date and a system with so many defunct processes that explaining it to someone new bamboozles them in their first week. Phew that one was a bit of a rant.

5. So many reports that it’s hard to know what is important. Over time, report after report is created to meet a specific need resulting in sometimes hundreds of meaningless reports. This makes it hard to know which one you can trust. A modern system can create a single source of truth structure easing this pain.

Can you identify with any of these? Modern software with a great user experience can make your work day better. Contact us today to put these gripes to rest and make your working life easier.

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