Tips for Developing an Enterprise Mobile App

Kiandra - 29/08/2013

Smartphones and tablets are very much a part of today’s everyday life and have changed the way in which the world works. Apps are available to help in virtually every aspect of life and are continually being developed, with more and more businesses looking to create mobile apps that will benefit both employees and customers.

But as Wired suggests, developing software is not an easy task. When developing for distributed enterprises, developers are often required to work with a multitude of technologies and networks that are often built on a hybrid infrastructure that combines legacy systems with newer ones.

For those who are willing, here are a few pointers for getting it right:

Think about user experience

User experience is the core of any successful app and is essential in development. It’s no good trying to port an existing desktop application over to a mobile – this will make the app unintuitive and difficult to use – your app needs to be designed with the user experience at its core.

Incorporate the sensors and form factor

Most smartphones come with a variety of sensors including 3G or LTE, bluetooth, wifi and GPS. If it will improve your app, make the most of these features. For example, building in a feature where, when a mobile is tilted, the display reorients itself.

Integrate third party apps

Try integrating useful tools from other apps such as mapping and traffic information.

Empower the users

Give users a reason for needing your app. Users want to save time, money or even revolutionise a workforce so the more you offer them, the more they’ll want you.

Include real-time

Real-time updates can be handy for a business from inventory, logistics management or third party feeds.


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