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Matthew Dunn - 26/07/2017

One of the scariest things that can be said to a person is “we need to talk”, be it from a boss, a friend or a loved one — it’s rarely good news.

However, in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, communication is key and being standalone can leave a company exactly like that — alone.

So why do companies need their proprietary applications to talk to others and allow them access to their multi-million dollar information? The answer — to bring together all components of a business, ensuring that once disparate applications can complement each other, and function together as one main application. The pay-off? Think real time data, better communication, reduced risk of errors, greater productivity and one secure location for employees to access relevant data or information.

Sounds like utopia? Well…done right, it kind of is.

Many companies focus on building apps in a vacuum, concentrating on the features that a particular department wants, without considering how the wider business could also benefit.

The fundamental difference between an app that works and one that is loved, fully adopted, drives efficiencies and is business-critical, is that the application not only does everything it needs to do (with a great user experience), but that it also communicates with ALL of the other applications it needs to work with.

In most cases businesses are just looking at the immediate problem the app is meant to solve, not at the additional value it could really create. This is where a specialist company like Kiandra IT are able to drive value.

A good software development company will develop your app for you, with the functionality you need BUT they will also have the expertise to help future-proof your app, so you continue to reap benefits long-term.

Whether it is working in app to app communication — so your systems are integrated, or identifying scenarios you hadn’t thought of, or functionality you didn’t know you needed (like single sign-on), by working with a reputable software development company you can rest assured that you will get the most bang for your buck.

Let us know if you “need to talk.”

This post first appeared on LinkedIn, published by Matthew Dunn, Business Development Manager, Kiandra IT

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