Six Signs Your Software Project Is in Trouble

Tom Wills - 15/03/2018

No one likes to be associated with failure.

And no one likes to be associated with a failed software project that’s gone way over budget, hasn’t met objectives and has potentially put your reputation on the line.

As software developers, we see this situation much more than we’d like to. Routinely, disgruntled organisations come to Kiandra asking us to rescue custom-built software such websites, portals and core business apps that haven’t quite gone to plan.

While we’re always happy to oblige, we sometimes wish we could go back in time and help these clients spot the warning signs that their software project is heading off track – before too much damage is done.

Unfortunately, time travel isn’t possible just yet. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy list that might just save you and your business from a failed software project in the near future.

Six signs that your software project is in trouble:

  1. The provider isn’t meeting milestones: Any well planned software project should have a clearly defined list of deliverables that align with a schedule. If these milestones are not being met, it’s a red flag.

  2. Bugs everywhere! If you’re stumbling across countless bugs, usability and performance issues across every iteration, then you really have to start doubting the code quality and the quality of the developer.

  3. Not fit for purpose: It’s common sense — the software should do what it's meant to do!

  4. Poor user experience: Good, clever software should be intuitive and a joy to use. A frustrating user experience will mean your software will go unused.

  5. Costs keep adding up: Additional expenses that weren’t planned in the beginning are clear signs of poor planning and scoping from the developer.

  6. Poor communication: Often, development teams are inaccessible or don’t really get what your business needs, which seriously hinders the project’s progress.

So what happens if your software project is heading off track?

A reputable, highly experienced team of software developers will have the skills needed to rescue your project and put it back on the path to success. And, they should be able to do this by reviewing the existing software to see what can be salvaged and put to good use in the recovery process — which means your original investment might not be a total loss. This might all just be enough to put you back on the winners’ list!

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