Reach a Higher Form of Business Intelligence With Better Data Analytics

Meghan Lodwick - 19/12/2018

Over the past two years, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created – this roughly equates to an output of 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. We’re right smack in the middle of the big data era.

But, a lot of the data being produced is raw, unstructured and disconnected, making it hard to harness. So the biggest question right now is, does your company know what to do with its data?

Around the world, organisations are using big data and analytics to drive business decisions. This used to solely sit in the domain of enterprise-level companies, yet new innovations, such as custom software solutions and platforms like Power BI, have democratised big data analytics.

This has enabled companies to reach a higher form of business intelligence. By adopting a technology-driven system that collects, analyses and visualises data, organisations can make evidence-based business decisions.

This means you can collect information from any part of the business and make it mean something. And you may have data where you don’t even know it. For example, if you have a website, social media presence, online forms or accept payments online – those are all sources you could draw on and analyse to perhaps create customer responsive products or offer proactive customer service.

The data dark ages, or time before this new era, are laden with Excel spreadsheets and raw nameless files spread across a host of different storage dumps. This new age of Business Intelligence has really flipped this archaic model on its head.

Data is your company’s past, present and future. Technology can be used to narrate the information collected and be the key to unlocking a new innovation, reducing costs, target marketing and spotting trends in real time all backed by analysis and figures.

Welcome to the new information highway where companies are enabled to manage, control and measure business data to improve performance and make better, more informed and accurate decisions.

Data is messy when it’s not categorised to purpose or used properly. If you’re sick of looking at numbers and lists and equations that don’t add up – it’s time to make your rich data make sense.

At Kiandra, we understand a data-driven organisation puts data and analytics front and centre to differentiate itself in the market. Our specialist Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation solutions will provide you with better visibility and interactivity across business metrics, and bring data to life to enable evidence-driven business improvement. 

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