A Look Back at Our First Ever Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Aarti Nagpal - 21/05/2020

The enjoyment of working from home can wear a little thin after a while. But at Kiandra, we’ve been finding new ways to stay connected together and keep having fun – virtually. 

By far the biggest and the best activity we all participated in was our very first virtual scavenger hunt, and I’d love to share with you how we made it happen and why it has proved so successful.
Being deskbound at home can be tedious, and the lack of physical activity makes Jane a dull girl. So the team decided pretty quickly we needed something that made our geographically dispersed team get outdoors, stretch their legs and have some fun during the isolation period. With that, The Great Kiandra Scavenger Hunt as born! I must say, what started as a simple photography activity became very creative and oh so competitive...

So how did it work?

Each day, a new photo challenge was announced at 5:00pm. Players had just 24 hours to submit their photograph or video on the Scavenger Hunt Teams Channel (yes, we created a dedicated teams Channel for this! We’re serious about fun at Kiandra). After each deadline, the whole team voted on their favourite entries and winners were awarded points. A furiously debated leader board was shared each day.

The challenges

Sometimes the best challenges are the simplest. For ten days we put ten random challenges to the team:

  • A street sign beginning with K 
  • Something beginning with M 
  • A Sunrise or sunset 
  • Recreate a piece of art with yourself and household items 
  • Hug a tree or smell a flower
  • In front of a construction site 
  • 14 mins past the hour 
  • Something naughty 
  • A bird or a bee (at this point we hid the leader board from the team to build suspense) 
  • Strike an exercise pose 
  • SUPER BONUS ROUND: A Random Act Of kindness (this was a super challenge that we had 10 days to prepare for).

The scoring system 

  • 1 point for participating 
  • 1 point for winning the daily vote 
  • Bonus points awarded for participation, winning and place getting during Weekend Challenges  
  • The Super bonus challenge carried extra points and was open across the 10 days. Meaning anyone could win and charge up the leader board at any point.

Tools to run and track the challenge

We kept things simple and used Microsoft Teams to communicate challenges, view entries, spur on participants and keep the fun conversation going. We used the Polly plug-in for voting and people could vote for multiple entries.

What was in it for everybody?

The winner was awarded $200, and in true Kiandra spirit they decided to graciously donate the amount to a local charity. This proved a great opportunity to use the Polly Teams plug-in and put it to use again voting for the lucky charity.  

Prizes and competitiveness aside, our first ever virtual scavenger hunt proved a great success in simply keeping people connected beyond the usual project meetings and phone calls. We learnt a lot about each other, where we live, what makes us laugh and what we love – and that was arguably the biggest prize of all. With more time working form home seemingly inevitable Kiandra will undoubtedly try more new things to keep us all connected. And we’ll be sure to share the winning formula again.


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