Move over monoliths, make way for microservices

Kiandra - 23/05/2022
When building a new solution, one of the questions most software developers will consider first is if they should start with a monolithic application or one that leverages microservices. 

What’s the difference between the two?

A monolithic application or ‘monolith’ is generally made up of one large codebase whereas an application built on microservices separates each part of the application into independent codebases that perform a specific task. 

As many businesses now consider how to rebound from the pandemic one consideration might be to pivot the business to leverage microservices.

A microservice setup can enable a business to adapt as required depending on external or internal factors, such as shifts in consumer attitudes or supply chain challenges. Businesses are experiencing these shifts now and require a new approach to applications. 

To seize a new business opportunity, application portfolios need to be agile. However, many enterprises are limited in their ability to adapt because they rely on monoliths and legacy applications with haphazard processes and structures.

Or, as Gartner says, “As organisations undergo digital transformation, IT leaders must modernise the application portfolio to operate at the pace of business change.”

Gone are the days of monolithic applications as the pace of change and innovation demands more flexibility in application development. Microservice architecture enable business units to reimagine how technology components fit together and develop their own apps using predefined data sources, integrations, and pre-built functionality.

Supporting microservice architecture doesn’t mean you start from scratch – it is as Gartner says: “architecting your business for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.”

Developers and businesses building a new application will confront numerous decisions – how to architect that application is one that will have knock-on effects for years to come. 

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