Miro Miro on the wall

Leila Marimuthu - 19/10/2021
You know what "brings me da feelz" on a workday afternoon?

When I chip away on my lonesome, setting up the building blocks of a client discovery phase in Miro, wondering how, this time, I'm going to get my team to jump in and use it to achieve their outcomes - I then open Miro to start work only to find the team have already, organically started using the space.  

I wanted to reiterate how it really does help the entire team when we self-organise (especially in this fully remote workspace)!
For example, in preparation for this next 4 week discovery - the Miro board will prove to be invaluable for not only facilitating the team's sessions with a client, but also helps us efficiently capture critical information and instantly to make it available to the wider team.
We prepare, capture and collate EVERYTHING as we go. Even the simple things make the difference, especially when we know clients will be spending the next 4 weeks within this space (and this applies to tools outside of Miro too).
Which brings me to the reason I'm even sharing this - because this next 'small thing' put a smile on my face and compelled me to share. What was previously a simple block of these little generic people in Miro waiting for me to chase up team members to update their own picture:


Turned into this catwalk of stunners:


Thanks for taking the time to ponder (or scan!) smile. What small thing can you bring to your team today?

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