Make the Change Process Easier With the Right Fit

Meghan Lodwick - 06/09/2018

Digital transformation will add an estimated $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021, according to 2018 research produced by Microsoft in partnership with IDC Asia/Pacific. This means that a lot of businesses will be gearing up for a change to suit digital demand.

And with change, comes organisational change management – cue the collective sigh. Unfortunately, with a reported 70 percent of change programs failing, the very mention of the process can make anyone feel the fatigue.

So how do you become part of the 30 percent? By making it easy from the get-go.

One way, is to select a digital solution that is relevant and right for your business. While there are Commercial Off-the-Shelf options, they aren’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and often companies have to work or alter something to make it fit.

It’s kind of like finding the right pair of jeans, there’s no way you can work with something way too small or too big for that matter. You’re either going to be uncomfortable or buy a belt, knowing full well you should’ve just bought the right size in the first place.

Finding the right software is much the same, you have to get it right from the beginning so it doesn’t become an issue later.

The process to find the right digital solution for a transformation begins with a discovery. This is where you sit down with a software expert to better understand your business, the users, customers and key outcomes you are trying to achieve.

This is fundamental in figuring out how to take traditional methods into the digital environment – but really it’s about capturing real business goals to make the process more streamlined so you don’t fall into the majority end of the aforementioned statistic.

Discovering what you need is the get-go. Everything from there, the user interface design, build, delivery and so on, will fall out of this first phase. But if you don’t get that right, and put it in the hands of experts, a potential chain reaction could make the process all the more clunky and time consuming.     

Selecting the right custom solutions for a digital transformation can mitigate against failing change initiatives and ensure that you are capturing true business objectives that are fit for purpose.

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