Low-code, What Is It Good For? Everything.

Meghan Lodwick - 21/06/2018

Low-code platforms have grown exponentially within the software development industry since the term was first coined in 2014. And with the market expected to grow by AUD 30 billion by 2022, low-code has certainly cemented its place as a key player for digital transformation.

What is it? Quite simply, low-code is a way to design and develop software, minimising the need to code every single detail by hand. This enables developers to deliver more value, quickly and reliably.

In other words, if you think of a software solution as a building, low-code means the infrastructure is already there, and a developer can delve straight into the more creative and business-specific aspects of a development, getting more done in less time.  

On a broader level, low-code is an enabler. It democratises software so it can be used for more purposes, more solutions and most importantly, can push forward how a business operates and delivers value.

Software like core business applications or self-service portals, become tools for a wider variety of business functions rather than just the IT department.

Around the world, organisations are under pressure to roll out innovative digital solutions, with two thirds of Global 2000 CEOs putting digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategies.

Because low-code makes software development more affordable and accelerates the entire process, solutions can be used for more purposes like a marketing campaign, or quickening a business pivot.

Last year, Kiandra IT and OutSystems formally partnered in order to offer more solutions to more pe
ople. This partnership brings together Kiandra’s 23 years of software expertise with the world’s number one low-code platform for digital transformation. Recently, OutSystems raised a $360 Million investment from KKR and Goldman Sachs to further solidify its leadership position in the fast-growing low-code application development market.

So what does this all mean? When you get a skilled software developer in amongst low-code, the boundaries of limitation extends so new and more innovative solutions are made possible for businesses and the like.

As demand for digital continues and organisations look to gain that competitive edge, low-code is really the gateway to get any modern innovation off the ground.

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