Launching Our New Brand and Looking Back on 25 Years Experience

Cam and Mart - 27/05/2020
Our rebranding journey has been both scary and exciting at the same time. Scary because we’re letting go of an identity we’ve loved (and struggled with at times) to venture into a new world.

Our new world though is the exciting bit that re-energises the business and ourselves personally with a new story, one that reflects who we have become and want to be for the future.

This is our third rebrand in 25 years. Historically we’ve struggled with a ‘juggling act’ of essentially three different identities. Managed Services is all about rock-solid dependability and no surprises. Software Development is creativity, ideation, and innovation. And Security is about scaring the crap out of you to inspire action.

While new colours and shapes are great, the heart of our excitement is the new thinking, new goalposts and new strategy that comes from reflecting on who we are and what we want to be known for in future. 2020 marks 25 years of Kiandra which seems incredible when looking back over the emergence and impact our industry has achieved in that time. To a couple of 21-year-olds, it felt like things moved quickly back then but as the last two decades has taught us, we ain’t seen nothing yet!  

The thirst for software innovation has never been greater, but so too has the urgency from clients to deliver outcomes. We build awesome software and while this remains centre to everything we do, time to value has emerged as the most critical element to project success. Like past days when we needed to adapt from bare metal to virtualisation, desktops to mobile devices, on-premise to the cloud, we’ve embraced software acceleration platforms and have set a new and exciting course for Kiandra. 

So this time around, instead of having to straddle three identities with one brand, by pivoting the business to focus purely on being rapid software development specialists, we’ve been able to embrace one identity, and we love it. We hope you do too. 


Cam and Mart


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