Kiandra Launches World’s First Team Polling App on Microsoft AppSource

Naz Taylor - 21/08/2020
Microsoft Gold Partner Kiandra is proud to announce the arrival of TeamJoy, the world’s first team polling app for remote teams.  

…So, how are you feeling? 


TeamJoy for Microsoft Teams is here, and we’re excited to share it with the world. And, guess what? it's completely free! TeamJoy is the friendly bot you never knew you needed – until now.  Stylishly designed to plug into your existing channel, TeamJoy is a fast, accessible and user-friendly way to stay up-to-date with how your teams are feeling. 

At Kiandra, our people matter, and 2020 has challenged us and our business more than ever, but our focus has stayed on the people that make us great. We knew with our entire workforce going fully remote we needed an easy, non-invasive way to stay connected with our people. The result? TeamJoy!

We explored a number of poll and survey solutions for Microsoft Teams but felt none of them really ticked all the boxes. Throughout the discovery process, it became clear we’d need to innovate and develop a tool to give us more insights, more frequently, so we could rapidly respond to team sentiment and effectively lead our people. 

Our team are busy bees and work in their own unique ways, so we needed the solution to be highly accessible and easy to use to maintain a high level of engagement. And, after almost two months of lighting up our teams channel every day – we think we have nailed it!

Designed to survey your team at the end of each day, TeamJoy slides seamlessly into the working lives of your organisation. A simple mood tracker can be selected and submitted with two clicks, plus we have allowed for comments inviting your teams to elevate relevant feedback. It doesn’t get easier than this!

We knew that TeamJoy was going to be special and we couldn’t be happier with our results.

Since inception and deployment into our daily lives at Kiandra, TeamJoy has collected more than 300 moods complete with comments, feedback and insights. These responses have directly contributed to business decisions, continuous improvements and the launch of new internal initiatives.  

We’re a better team because of TeamJoy, our leadership team are more informed, and the incredible people who make this organisation are heard. If your business is looking for a simple way to see how your team are feeling and back it up with real insights – then this is the tool for you.  

We’re so excited to release TeamJoy into the wild and are looking forward to hearing how your business is evolving by capturing daily insights. If you’d like an overview of our friendly bot, get in touch with us. Or visit Microsoft AppSource to install it and try yourself. 

Get TeamJoy For Free Here.

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