Kiandra accelerates with Microsoft Power Platform

Cassandra Wallace - 23/06/2021
Kiandra has a long history delivering Microsoft products and services, with a relationship that spans over 20 years. Power Platform is the next phase in our long-running relationship – the chance to pair our rapid software development expertise with our knowledge in Microsoft.  

We asked our Head of Software, Cassie Wallace a bunch of questions to get an understanding of how Kiandra’s new Power Platform offering can benefit our future and existing clients.

Why Is Kiandra using Power Platform?
Kiandra has been offering Power BI as a solution as most of the applications we build require some reporting component. We also use it internally to manage many of our process workflows. Our team are highly skilled in the Microsoft tech stack so it was a logical choice to adopt the Power Platform as a viable option for our clients. We specialise in rapid development and have a range of accelerating technologies including OutSystems and our own accelerators, and now Power Platform – each having their own unique benefits. 
How will this benefit our existing customers?
As more of our clients are seeking process automation and efficiencies in their businesses, and given that many of our clients already have office 365, Power Platform is accessible, often already an approved technology within enterprise organisations.
A benefit is that apps can quickly be built as a proof of concept which can generate interest and adoption.
A recent example we have developed, is a tool that replaces an annual engagement survey subscription with one that is managed by Power Platform which reduces loads of administration and license fees and gives real time responses and action plans. It’s intuitive, integrated with apps you already have, readily adopted, it has a huge support community and endless plug-ins and tools.
Why is this relevant to potential customers?
Power Automate has advanced in the last 12 months significantly – resolving many of the niggly issues that prevented it from being a considered as an enterprise grade solution. It’s a worthy contender now and we are noticing more adoption among our clients. We find that they get stuck with some of the complexities especially where there are complex integrations or facets of a solution that require custom coding. That’s where we can help ideate, design and deliver. As with a lot of low code tools – it seems easy until it’s not.
There are times when the requirements call for an alternative platform such as a full custom build or an enterprise platform like OutSystems or Pega or similar, so a partner that can consult on the best option can be useful if you engage early to avoid going down the wrong path.
Robotic process automation and chat bots are becoming more ubiquitous and these tools are available in the Power Platform. Adopting these will save businesses time and money and divert their people to more value-add activities.
Is this an extension of Kiandra’s Power BI offering?
Yes it is – Power BI is part of the Power Platform. As businesses are collecting more data, and as they are making more data driven decisions, Power BI is the obvious choice when using the Power Platform. It is integrated into all the options for reporting and dashboards when making a PowerApps.  
How will this product help other SMEs? Other businesses?
With some training, it’s possible to build simple to intermediate applications as a non-developer. This does have caveats.
It’s beneficial to have your overall application architecture defined before you start building endless apps to avoid rework later. You can run into complexities so you need to have an architecture that supports customisation and future integrations to build or plug-in microservices that the Power Platform may not offer.
Understanding the various pros and cons of your multiple data sources and how they will underpin your Power Platform will also be beneficial if you do some upfront planning. Of course, as a Power Platform provider we’d recommend using Kiandra or another partner to get this right – but honestly you could jump in today and build yourself a simple chatbot or app to automate a real-world process without engaging a partner.
Give it a try. Or give us call if you want to know more and visit our Microsoft Power Platform page. 

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