Kiandra Awarded OutSystems Quality Apps Badge

Kiandra - 03/08/2021
Kiandra has been awarded the OutSystems Quality Apps badge.

The new badge is awarded to OutSystems partners who deliver an application that is of a high quality from a technical and user experience perspective. 

The OutSystems Quality Apps program involves multiple assessments of a single project across different technical aspects, from architecture and code quality to performance, UX/UI and more. OutSystems measures the app’s compliance with its very own technical best practices.  

The app is scored by adding the sum of the compliance score for each practice assessed, divided by the number of assessments. The Quality Apps badge is awarded if the score meets or exceeds 85%. 

Kiandra Head of Software, Cassie Wallace, said the team are thrilled to have received the Quality Apps recognition. 

“We are proud to have scored over 85% on our OutSystems assessment, this included a score of 97% on our architecture skills alone. 

“The badge underlines our in-house expertise, field experience and commitment to quality when delivering OutSystems solutions,” Cassie said.   

After being awarded OutSystems Partner of the Year in 2018 and 2019 as well as receiving the OutSystems Global Innovation Award for Legacy Application Modernisation in 2019, the Quality Apps Badge is a new milestone in Kiandra’s partnership and highlights the level of expertise and quality we offer our clients. 

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