Kiandra’s WFYH Initiative is ‘the ultimate workplace perk’

Kiandra - 01/04/2022
Australian software development company, Kiandra, have today announced a brand spanking new employee benefit designed to make the work/life balance easier – the Work from Your Home (WFYH) Initiative.

Kiandra’s Co-Founder, Martin Cooperwaite says Kiandra’s new WFYH Initiative is ‘the ultimate workplace perk’ and aims to make work more enjoyable for all Kiandrians.

“We’ve really tried to get the team to come back to the office with little uptake. So, we went outside the box with this one, and thought, if we can’t get our people into the office, we’ll bring the office to them.”

The premise of the WFYH Initiative is each week a different employee will host the senior leadership team in their home office. The Initiative has already been trialled by Kiandra’s Head of Software, Cassie Wallace, in her two-storey dwelling.


“The chance to WFYH opened up a lot of opportunities to work in a new way. I think the biggest challenge was getting Kiandra’s heavy filing cabinets and company water cooler up my staircase.”

To give every employee the chance to host the senior leadership team, Kiandra has created a simple application using Power Apps, deployed to Microsoft Teams, to allocate people at random.

“We aim to be fair on who is chosen and provide this opportunity equally, therefore randomising the host will make it so each employee gets the chance to host the office for the week.”

“The app also adds another layer of engagement, and it’ll hopefully be an exciting experience for that lucky Kiandrian to see their name pop up,” Martin says.

Kiandra’s new WFYH Initiative builds on 30 employee benefits already offered at the software company.

These range from time off to attend protests, pet bereavement leave, domestic violence leave, cultural holiday observation and zero-interest salary advance, to a ‘work from anywhere’ initiative.

Martin says it’s important to stay current with what people need and to make the work/life balance that little bit easier.

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