Industries leading digital transformation trends

Kiandra - 14/07/2022

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When it comes to digital transformation, looking to other industries for inspiration or replication is more than a genuine compliment – it’s good strategy.

According to a recent BHG report, the technology, telecommunications and financial services industries are the most digitally mature sectors, and tend to be more successful at transformation and achieve earnings growth 1.8 times higher than ‘digital laggards’. 

Digital technology can achieve increased productivity, open new growth possibilities, and improve customer experience. But those aren’t the only industries breaking new ground – let’s take a look at a few other industries making waves on the transformation front.

Four industries leading digital transformation trends


1. Hospitality & tourism

From IoT using customer data to improve overall experience to virtual reality vacations, the hospitality and tourism sector has massively adopted digital solutions.

Example: In some hotels, IoT provides integrated services, such as automated door locks, light switches, electric blinds, and voice-assistant devices. This kind of personalisation is key in the industry.

2. Education

The industry has long used cloud-based services and more recently created more personalised learning experiences with the use of IoT and VR.

Example: Educational institutions house a lot of data, data this often siloed. Some schools are now merging data and using advanced analytics to determine where students struggle and succeed, develop new methods, and test whether these methods yield expected results.

3. Transportation

What once used to be about moving items from point A to point B has become a lot more complicated. The industry has responded by adopting AI and managing data better.

Example: Cloud-technology is a huge trend in the industry. It can help achieve operational efficiency by providing real-time vehicle tracking, logistics planning and management of online ticketing.

4. Manufacturing

The sector is improving operations efficiency, reducing costs and maintaining quality of manufactured products and responding quickly to demand with digital adoption.

Example: Robotic process automation (RPA) can provide managers with real-time data on inventory levels so they can monitor this to make better decisions based on data – improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and communication. 

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