IT Project Recovery – To Recover or Not?

Matthew Dunn - 30/08/2017

Project recovery – “I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more” – Popeye.

With the government recently admitting that their IT bill is spiralling to a staggering $10bn from last years $5.9bn, it’s arguably getting to a point that we often see;

 “We can’t afford to go on but we’re so far in that we can’t afford not to.”

The solution – project recovery.

Too many organisations are stuck with unsuccessful projects that are nowhere near completion and have costs that are spiralling out of control. The relationship between vendor and client is far from ideal, if not toxic — as the Queensland government may attest to — neither party are happy and both would rather move on. But how?

Project recovery requires a partner with a distinct set of skills and an ability to reach a win/win outcome, not a compromise. Ultimately you want to salvage as much of your investment to date as possible, but to change path so that you ensure that you will reach a successful outcome. This is what we do.

Some common worries;

  • Will we reach our outcome?
  • Will we get our IP back?
  • Will we get into legal hot water?
  • Surely it’s better the devil you know? We’re in with this lot for $X, so $Y isn’t THAT much more, and they said they’d finish it this time
  • We work with them elsewhere in the organisation and we don’t want to risk that project too.

In reality, an organisation needs to start by asking itself if it's ready to salvage the project, or if it is still wanting to ride the wave of hope – not a proven business rule in any book I’ve ever read.

So how to pick the right partner to perform the project recovery? Ask yourself:

  • Do they have a proven track record and one that is able to holistically assess the relationship from both sides? They’re not in it to say who was right and who was wrong, their sole purpose is to facilitate a successful outcome for you
  • Do they have a structured plan to facilitate leveraging the work performed to date? (Because it’s not acceptable to just start again)
  • To avoid a repeat of the past, do they back themselves via a fixed price and a guarantee against the work performed?
  • Do they fully understand the technology and are they able to objectively assess where the project is at? Look for a partner that builds in that codebase/technology.

Kiandra IT are specialists in project recovery and have broad experience in a range of technologies, clients and successful outcomes. If you are looking to save a project that’s spiraling out of control, then contact us today.

This post first appeared on LinkedIn, published by Matthew Dunn, Business Development Manager, Kiandra IT

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