Girls, Get Involved. Boys, Support Your Sisters

Meredith Bower - 24/09/2019
This is part of a month-long series to support closing the gender gap as we lead up to our first Bring Your Daughter to Work Day #KiandraKidsinTech2019.

Growing up, both my parents worked and chores were shared equally in our home, we were encouraged to do what we wanted irrespective of gender, and I consider myself extremely fortunate for the upbringing I had. 

One of my earliest memories was playing in an A-Team Van tent, it was (and still is) one of my most treasured gifts, that and the black Mizuno softball glove I was to be given 3 years later. I loved sport, I loved playing in the dirt and back then if asked, I probably would not have been able to articulate the difference between myself and the boys around me. I had strong beliefs about gender equality, before I knew gender equality was even a thing, I just thought everyone was equal that was until I grew up.  

At first it was the teasing about my love of sport and then the way my body did or did not develop.  I felt so much pressure to change who I was WHAT A CONFUSING TIME!!!! Fast forward to adult life and I could tell you countless stories where my gender has informed comments, opinions, decisions and of course exclusion. I read a gorgeous quote recently that has stuck with me: “Stop tripping on the illusion that it could have been done any different”.

We can’t change the past, but can influence the future – and that my friends, is exciting!!! I work in a progressive IT consultancy now that lets us do cool shit like the “Bring your Daughter to Work Day” initiative, where I can play my part in closing the gender gap in the IT industry. That is definitely something to trip over! No matter how big or small your initiative may be, we can all play our part in shaping a world of acceptance and opportunity. Girls, GET INVOLVED, Boys, SUPPORT YOUR SISTERS!!! We are all in this together.

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