Free – We All Like That Price Point

Matthew Dunn - 21/09/2018

With low-code accelerators gaining more and more converts in the marketplace, the overall price of custom software development is being driven down. 

Although the act of developing any software is far from easy, the equation for its pricing is very simple – the longer it takes to develop, the more it will cost. After all, didn’t someone once say time is money?

This is where low-code platforms are really finding traction as the time it takes to deliver outstanding software is being massively reduced. 

At Kiandra, we see that using low-code accelerators saves north of 50% of development time. When you factor that into the pricing equation, you end up with a right-fit solution at a much lower cost.

Custom software development has long been the stomping ground for companies who have unique challenges, a colossal budget or want to gain a competitive advantage. Because, when you think about it, if you can buy the software off-the-shelf then so can your competitors.

With the introduction of low-code accelerators, this is no longer the case and often the cost of a low-code enterprise solution is significantly less than it’s off-the-shelf “competitors”. This means that ROI is much quicker and you can get your unique killer application to market before your competition, the solution in this equation = win-win.

Kiandra prides itself on quality and we are confident in our solutions, offering every single development a 365 day warranty. It is our job to be across the latest and greatest technologies – low-code is one of those and we’ve made it a big part of our approach to continue to offer the best.

This is why we are now able to provide a working software for proof of concept – not MVP, actual working software, in a fraction of the time. 

This then brings me to the “free” statement made at the beginning. Kiandra can provide a proof of concept for free. For more information on how, please get in touch.

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