Fitness, Finesse and Friendship on Show at the Australian Corporate Games

Tony Lotay - 22/11/2018

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Last week, Kiandra’s athletic elite converged to participate in the Australian Corporate Games. Kiandra cheered on representatives in the poker, table tennis and bowling tournaments and despite very little pre-match training (not to mention lack of experience) hidden talents were uncovered.

Hitting the poker tables were Mayumi, Leon, Sam and Denis – a concerted effort was made by all but it was Denis who proceeded to take down player after player finishing up in 3rd place overall.

Tony demonstrated his stamina on the singles table tennis circuit, smashing out 12 games back-to-back – winning 8 of them. Tony and Denis, and Leon and Tim then formed two teams representing Kiandra in the men’s doubles, facing some tough competition. Tony and Denis managed to take out half the games while Tim and Leon didn’t fare quite as well…but they had fun losing!

Behind the bowling balls were Matt the Magic Arm Dunn, Varun the Viper Uniyal, Dominating Jac Domney and Bomb-dropping Bower. While all bowlers felt a little rusty going into the comp it didn’t stop them clocking up huge scores, making it to the finals and coming in at 4th overall.

According to participants the best part of the day was the development of friendships beyond the office environment as K-colleagues stuck around to cheer each other on after their individual matches had finished (ok, and the post games beer).

Congrats K-team, we are proud to have you representing Kiandra in both the sporting and business community! We look forward to flying the Kiandra flag high again next year!

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