Don’t We All Just Want to Share a Laugh

Bianca Pickett - 10/07/2018

Kiandra's culture has a long history of being a social one. While our Directors lead through example by taking the time to chat to everyone in the office – it’s also the table tennis, daily lunchtime quiz, in-house golf tournaments and Friday night beers that all go towards bringing us together.  

But oftentimes, the social fabric of a company is an undervalued piece of what makes up its culture. Life can be incredibly serious, and the need to balance our stressful worlds, both work and home, is ever more important.

We’ve recently relaunched our social committee. This revamped edition features a healthy mix of can-do attitudes, extroverts, me ;) and a common desire to make things fun. The thought of spending more of my time at work socialising, rather than getting home and chilling out is an interesting quandary. 

At Kiandra we regularly have events, like End of Financial year drinks where over a beer, or a bowl of chips or a mineral water we get to know those people we work next to everyday, better.  I really enjoy the experience of spending social time with my colleagues, there is a joy in connecting with people over a game of putt putt and hearing their funny stories and experiences. I often ask myself am I socialising at work out of obligation, or because I want to fit in?   

For me, connecting to our workplace and our work colleagues is important, as mentioned in my previous blog post, connection to our tribe is key to us enjoying ourselves and wanting to come back every day. 

Although we can journey through our jobs and our companies without much connection, avoiding the table tennis tournaments, or the Friday night drinks. In the end we may work for a company, we may be part of the fabric of how it makes it money, but are we the ones missing out on the human experience? 

I certainly don't think we have to socialise to fit it, but I do think it helps us feel a higher level of connection with the people and the work we all do together.

Now, I hope my team doesn’t get any ideas, I will never pick up a table tennis bat, but I am in the golf tournament, and I will join in on the odd lunchtime quiz, but mostly, I want two things out of it:

1. experiences to enrich my life and,
2. to get to know people better and share a laugh. 

Do you need to be social at work to fit in? No. Are you missing out on an opportunity? Maybe. In life you need to make your own calls, just do yourself a favour next time faced with a social opportunity – ask yourself the question of why, and why not? If there’s a chance you might laugh, it might be worth taking it.

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