Disruptive Funding Is Transforming the Way Businesses Consume I.T.

Michelle Devanny - 02/02/2018
From Airbnb, to Uber, to GoFundMe – there’s no shortage of ‘disruption’ revolutionising different industries.

The finance industry is no different and in recent years there has been an upsurge in ‘disruptive financing’ models shaking up the way we pay for things. You can walk into a shoe store two days before “pay-day” and regardless of what’s in your bank account, you can buy that cool pair of kicks using AfterPay. Or, first home buyers struggling to get a foot in the door can get a piece of the property pie and invest in residential property using BrickX.

In recent years, we have started to see this disruption extending beyond the eager consumer and infiltrating the business world. For example, back in the day if you wanted to start a business you had to foot the bill, or walk into the bank and make an extremely compelling case. These days, a large portion of start-ups have been funded via crowd-sourcing.

More traditional businesses may be hesitant to adopt ‘disruptive financing’ models, but in this day and age it’s not something you can ignore, especially if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

One emerging area that we are seeing great benefit in leveraging, is low-rate finance options for IT investments. Businesses are increasingly looking to IT as a source of growth and differentiation, however many CIOs don’t have the right IT resources to meet business demands.

To counteract this, businesses need an investment strategy that fuels their IT strategy. Access to technology on terms that align to business needs is critical and involves a thoughtful approach, requiring finance and IT integration.

In the past, you might have had a great idea for an app or a piece of software that will completely transform your business but if you didn’t have the capital to fund it, forget about it.

Luckily things have changed. Disruptive transformation requires disruptive IT funding models, and that’s where Kiandra can help. We not only deliver technology and custom software development projects but leveraging our business partnerships, we can also help our clients build IT investment strategies that support transformation and the ability to deliver on business goals – which means that app that was unattainable, or the server upgrades your business required but couldn’t fund, is now within reach.

A flexible IT investment strategy can help you accomplish more, on-time and within budget. Talk to our team to learn about our low-rate finance options.

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