Design for users with anxiety

Kiandra - 20/02/2022
One in seven Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition according to Beyond Blue. While a lot of apps exist to reduce anxiety and panic disorders – what is being done to ensure design is more accessible for those trying to deal?

Anxiety is a condition that can come out of nowhere or sit in the background of the every day, ensuring websites and software is accessible to people of all abilities is a vital part of design.

For further information on designing for all abilities read Easy Checks – A First Review of Web Accessibility by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) for an easy-to-follow ‘checklist’ to approach accessibility for your design.

We’ve put together the following dos and don'ts on designing for anxiety and panic disorders to hopefully help you make your software more accessible to all.

design for users with anxiety-allow enough time to cplete a task; explain the next step in a process; make important information clear; make supprt easy to access; let users check answers before they submit them; use consistent navigation

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