William Cornwill - 26/06/2022
Dataverse, it sounds like something akin to Vision from the Marvel Universe, an all-powerful and knowledgeable being with a flawless computer brain. And I suppose the Dataverse is somewhat similar, a powerful data platform which comes with a rich set of features to build data driven and intelligent business solutions upon.

Data is key for businesses to understand how they are going at any point in time and to provide the insights to drive decisions for the future. For a business to grow, they need to capture, analyse, predict, present, and report data.

Traditional data infrastructure solutions can be time consuming and expensive to implement. In traditional software layer application design, you will need to develop your database, a data access layer and its security, business logic layer and some form of presentation layer. With Dataverse all that is taken care of out-of-the-box and developers just need to focus on the data modelling, business, and presentation layers.

The Dataverse allows data to be brought together from many data sources and stored into a single location. This data can then be used in Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents to create user experiences, automations, and data intelligence visuals to drive business value scenarios. It does this all while maintaining compliance and security.

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