Custom Built Can Now Be Faster and Cheaper Than off the Shelf

Martin Cooperwaite - 22/08/2018

Digital Transformation has been accepted as one of the most critical imperatives of the modern organisation. This widespread adoption has resulted in the eruption of Software-as-a-Service and off–the-shelf offerings, to fast track transformation and lower costs.

But what’s really impacting this market are low-code platforms. This new wave of technology is fundamentally changing the way organisations approach digital transformation and turning previous conceptions about how software is delivered on their head.

The combination of the right low-code platform and the right partner can enable a truly unique-to-you solution at a much lower cost and faster delivery time than customised off-the-shelf. And that’s the game changer.

At Kiandra, we saw this first-hand. The explosion of low-code onto the market highlighted a significant problem, we faced, as a software provider. Our history of offering premium solutions required a higher price point and was becoming much more difficult to sell.

After a string of lost bids, we lost a large project for a long-term existing client we expected to win as the incumbent. We were shocked to find the winning bid was more affordable, more feature-rich and able to be delivered much faster. And it was all built on the world-leading low-code platform, OutSystems

It became clear, Kiandra had to change. We wanted to stay true to a premium offering, but at a much lower price point and time to market.

How did we do this? Next week, we’ll be presenting at our free breakfast event how Kiandra pivoted its business and were able to keep our offering premium at a much lower price point.

We’ll discuss how we, using OutSystems, were able to go back to our lost client bid with a solution so compelling that it convinced a client to abandon an off-the-shelf and go custom with us to produce a unique solution that now makes them stand out from their competitors like they couldn’t otherwise.

As proof, we’ll show you just how fast it is to build a solution from scratch and in under 30 minutes, we’ll start with nothing and build a working CRM solution, not using an existing CRM product.  

Kiandra IT and OutSystems will bring together collective expertise to explain what exactly low-code is and how it works. We’ll also demonstrate how quickly low-code can help your business pivot, by building a CRM system live, in real time. Register today.

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