Can You Build a CRM System in Under 30 Minutes?

Meghan Lodwick - 17/08/2018

In a word, yes. Using low-code technology, it’s entirely possible to build a CRM system in less time than it takes to watch an episode of The Simpsons.

But why would you want to? It saves time – time that can be spent customising that CRM to nail your customer’s preferences and expectations.

Having a CRM system in place is part and parcel to modern business practice and finding a software solution that fits specific customer needs is fundamental. It helps businesses manage relationships and interactions with existing or prospective customers and tracks information so you can better respond.

So why would it matter whether you can build one of these in 30 minutes? Because if you can get the bare bones of a system in play in that time – imagine how custom it can become with just a little bit of extra time and the right expertise.

Low-code has opened the door wide open to custom solutions. Platforms like OutSystems have enabled software development to be delivered 6-10 times faster than ever before, as it minimises the need to code every single detail by hand, enabling developers to deliver more value, quickly and reliably.

What would have traditionally taken months and months to create, now takes much less time, meaning it can be spent getting to market quicker or getting a more custom solution.

In many ways it makes the commercial-off-the-shelf software redundant, because using low-code means the solutions can be delivered just as fast. And you can develop the product to accommodate to a customer’s specific preferences and expectations.

Building a CRM in real-time is an impressive feat, but it’s what you can do with the rest of the time that makes a low-code solution your most efficient option.

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