Businesses Turn to Mobile Apps to Improve Operational Efficiency

Meghan Lodwick - 13/11/2018
Companies are now investing more in mobile applications for operational efficiency than innovation and digital transformation, according to the 2018 Gartner MADP Customer Survey.

It’s no secret technology saves time and money for businesses – but there are a plethora of solutions available and, the trick is, finding the one best suited for your business needs.

The first step is understanding how and why apps can actually make companies more efficient to help determine what might be the right solution for you. Here are the top four reasons to use technology to improve efficiency.

Better data collection

When you put a process into an app, it captures information which can be pulled and analysed to track productivity, customer service and basically anything you need. In this sense, a mobile app becomes a collection of data that represents an entire workflow.

Having this kind of visibility can assist in making more informed decisions about how to run operations and highlight gaps or areas to improve. It could also drive more accountability across the organisation.

Personalised and purposeful

Just like no two companies are exactly the same, neither are mobile apps. The great thing about moving towards an app to improve operational efficiency, as just like the processes themselves, they are unique to the business. Sitting down in a discovery workshop is an excellent way to determine where the bottlenecks are or how to create a simple solution to improve internal workflows or customer experience.  From streamlining standard processes, to being innovative, any area of a business could benefit from a mobile app. 

Reduce overhead costs

When a business grows, manual processes often become more complex as they are unable to scale with demand. This can lead to duplication, irrelevant steps and are extremely time consuming. Technology can step in here to automate the management of significant aspects of the business that are weighing a team down or leading to poor customer service.

For example, MOIRA was a service provider heavy in manual processes, but by automating them, the organisation was able to be more accurate and efficient internally, which in turn made their services better for clients. When you are looking to reduce overhead, the first question to ask is what processes can be streamlined, it will save your employees time better spend elsewhere.

It will fundamentally impact customers

When you use an application to improve an operational process, the customer will also benefit. As internal processes become speedier, a customer will get a better response time and more consistent service as technology takes over the manual side of things. For example, a retail business could use an app for inventory tracking, which in turn, would make it easy for employees to pull data on a product off the heels of a customer inquiry.

It’s time to take a look at your processes and ask whether they are outdated, too complex or not acting in the interest of the company, and then schedule a free discovery workshop to see where we can help.

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