Build Your Software Like You Would a Cathedral

Matthew Dunn - 27/09/2017

“The concept of Cathedral Thinking stretches back through the centuries to medieval times, when architects, stonemasons and artisans laid plans and began construction of the soaring, cavernous structures that served as places of worship, community gathering spaces and safe havens.

Though there are many instances to which Cathedral Thinking can be applied, they all require the same foundation: a far-reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and a shared commitment to long-term implementation.”

I have spoken at length about the benefits of having software custom built, however, it still amazes me how many organisations still have a very narrow horizon and view into the future. Many times we are engaged by companies who have had numerous, expensive software disasters. When asked why they went down that path, the answer is usually a variation of — “we went with the cheaper option.”

Define “cheaper” when you are looking to replace a business critical system for the third time in five years…

Living in the real world we all know that there are budget constraints but all too often thinking past the end of the current financial year seems like an alien concept. In these fast and exciting times are we conditioned to just look at the here and now and when encouraged to look into the future do we bury our heads and worry about it tomorrow?

Cathedral Thinking when turned to your IT environment doesn’t need a shift in paradigm, whole organisational change or a horde of consultants to implement. It needs a savvy CIO and CFO to work together to do what’s best for the longer term – which often doesn’t cost as much as you would think. Modern software can easily be written in a modular and containerised fashion with Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) that get quick returns. Something that we do at Kiandra on a daily basis.

A company can begin its Cathedral IT journey with a small step and then iterate on that, much as the stonemasons did thousands of years ago. The result? Over time you can achieve phenomenal business outcomes that will benefit you and those who come after you. You will have a technology environment that other companies envy and have a competitive advantage others will desire all because you thought about tomorrow today.

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