Backend Data Integration with OutSystems

Stuart Harris - 10/02/2021
For organisations that need to modernise their applications and workflows, integrating data from existing systems into new software can be a major roadblock.

Whether it's established legacy data sources which can’t be changed or switched off, or data needing to be integrated from various sources, in various formats - all of this can make data integration a challenge for businesses.

Fortunately, low-code platforms like OutSystems can make connecting to, and using, back-end data simpler.

In the first of our video tutorial series, our very own OutSystems Champion, Stuart Harris shows how to integrate back-end data into the OutSystems platform using a nifty weather app demo. Watch the 5-minute video below to learn:

  • How to create a database connection  
  • How to expose the data to tables and different views  
  • How to consume the data within the application.

We hope you find it useful, we’ll be sharing more tutorials about how to get the most from OutSystems across a range of scenarios - so stay tuned! In the meantime, we recommend testing OutSystems with a free personal environment. Sign up is simple and you can start building your first software project in minutes. 

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