A Balanced and Diverse View Is Needed in All Work

Cassandra Wallace - 25/09/2019
This is part of a month-long series to support closing the gender gap as we lead up to our first Bring Your Daughter to Work Day #KiandraKidsinTech2019.

I’ve been fortunate to have inspirational women leaders from my mum, to my boss in my first office job and to some visionary tech leaders.  All were commanding, high achievers with a no bullshit attitude. 

I did not give them enough credit at the time, but having developed my career in the tech industry, I appreciate them more than ever. The need for women to be the inspiration for the next generation and to sponsor initiatives to encourage girls and women into tech roles is apparent.  I am constantly inspired by the woman around me who are progressing in their careers, completing degrees, raising families and pets, conquering the gym or travelling the world.  

A lot of effort is being spent in encouraging girls and women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering  Mathematics) roles to ‘fill the gender gap’ and I wish there was more effort into retraining the entire workforce on what equality means and the value they will get out of making the workplace truly diverse. 

A balanced and diverse view is needed in all aspects of the work we do – from backgrounds, personality types, skillsets and gender. It’s not about meeting a quota – it’s the right thing to do. I started my career in technology after I was 30. I wished I’d been more actively encouraged to consider it sooner.  

I hope in some way I am able to encourage our youngsters – girls and boys – into my industry which is creative, fun and challenging. And I hope I can pay forward the wisdom I’ve had the privilege to gain from my former and current mentors. 

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