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8 training hours down, 92 to go!

One of the things that attracted me to Kiandra and my position as Admin Assistant, was Kiandra’s willingness to invest in its staff.

I have just completed a commerce degree majoring in Human Resource Management, where I developed a strong desire for a workplace with the right culture and attitude towards employment. So any company which gives their employees up to 100 hours each year for professional development is more than alright by me!

I recently got to put a dint in my training hours and undertook a one day course in Microsoft Excel for analysing data.

Even through my degree, Excel has always been an area where my skills are lacking, I never really evolved past converting data into a pie chart (formulas, functions and data – oh my)! But considering I spend much of my week managing spreadsheets and databases, I was hoping to learn a thing or two to help me. What I discovered, is that Excel is so much more than just formulas and calculations. It can be used for database management, where you can create reports with custom views or outlines instead of simply filtering or hiding your data, use forms and data validation for types of data entry and that’s just the tip of the ice-berg.

There is much more for me to learn to become an Excel whiz, but I have a feeling that from now on, Excel and I are going to be great friends!