Your applications
How to modernise your legacy applications without tearing everything down.
Legacy applications. The backbone of workflows in your department and absolutely mission-critical. They’re also a major speed bump on your digital roadmap.

Decades-old processes with an increasing risk of human error, complex systems which are nearing end-of-life. Legacy applications can drain IT resources and stifle innovation.

So, ask yourself, is your business experiencing any of these common challenges?
  • Using complex systems that can’t be replaced easily
  • Seeing Shadow IT emerge as teams look for easier ways to work
  • Spending time maintaining old critical systems and data repositories
  • Using applications that aren’t fit for purpose as your processes have matured
  • Making large investments in enterprise apps but adding or changing features takes too long.

If these challenges ring true, then an application renovation could be the answer. Instead of ripping everything out and starting from scratch, an application renovation takes the best of what you have and builds on it. If you’re ready to get started, download our guide.
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Everything you need to start your next project.
For over 25 years, we’ve worked with Government departments across the country to modernise their legacy applications. We’ve leveraged this experience to put together a renovation guide to help you easily plan your next big project.

In the guide, we outline the four elements of a successful application renovation and in it, you’ll learn:
  • How to get your project started in 10 steps
  • The key factors to consider when selecting a software platform
  • A comprehensive guide to the skills you’ll need from your project team
  • Our review of the best tools to design and collaborate with.
The four elements of an application renovation.
Your project
Whether you're renovating a house or building a digital solution, you'll need a solid blueprint. Like a house, software development and integration have multiple variables. There’s much to consider.

You’ll need to think about the underlying challenges you’re trying to solve. What takes priority and what can be left for later? Which technologies are most suitable? Who needs to be involved? Then consider outcomes and the best path towards them, as well as potential pitfalls. A solid blueprint will ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected.
using the right tools
As with any renovation, you need the best tools for the job. There are thousands of tools and platforms available, so you’ll need to define what the best technology is for your specific problem, working style and goals.

Your Application Renovation Guide will take you through the newest tools, platforms and frameworks we recommend as well as the best collaboration tools to bring out the best from any working team – whether remote or co-located.
The success of an application depends on having a platform that supports the application's features, functions and purpose. Think of a platform as a foundation. Just like homes, there are different foundations for different situations. Choosing the right one is essential.

From low-code to fully custom builds, we’ve built dozens of applications for government departments. In the guide, we take you through the key factors to consider when assessing the right platform for your new application.
Just like selecting a tradesperson, you’ll need the right people for the job in software renovation. In any project, you'll be working with a varied team of people who’ll need to be certified experts in their profession, and they’ll also need to work as one. Otherwise, even the best designs can go astray during implementation.

Accessing the right skills is critical to your successful application renovation. In the guide, we explain the key functions and skills needed in a project team and outline the assessment criteria every government department should use when assessing a software partner.
Get the ultimate guide to start your next application renovation.
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