• 3 reasons your digital transformation might not make it



    A digital transformation can be a career-defining moment for any leader. Businesses that have been successful in adopting digital solutions, creating the right mindset, and implementing new ways of working have pulled off a change worthy of the word, transformation.
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  • Miro Miro on the wall

    Leila Marimuthu


    You know what "brings me da feelz" on a workday afternoon?
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  • How Tech Better Enables NDIS Self-Management

    Ricky Mutsaers


    For NDIS participants, there are many ways to manage the services they access. Increasingly, self-management is giving participants much greater control over how, where and when their NDIS funds get spent.
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  • Why legacy software drives people crazy



    At the beginning of each engagement we ask our clients what the sentiment is on their legacy software.  
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  • Win-Win Project Management

    Nicola Oakley


    In my experience, when you’re dealing with multiple stakeholders, viewpoints and motivations, it’s important to try and find the best way for teams to work together and negotiate the challenges of project delivery. 
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  • Rapid Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Flutter

    Sam Medley


    Native mobile application development can be an expensive undertaking. With a user market split between two main players, Google's Android and Apple's iOS platforms, effort can easily be doubled when developing an app to target both platforms.
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  • Kiandra Awarded OutSystems Quality Apps Badge



    Kiandra has been awarded the OutSystems Quality Apps badge.
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  • When should my business build an app?

    Livia Mammarella


    Often businesses come to us convinced that to solve a problem or seize an opportunity they need to “build an app”. Before you dive in on the investment of building an app it is worth taking a step back and considering the context.
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  • Office workers in a post-COVID world

    William Cornwill


    The world is never going to operate in the same way again. Big statement, and I suppose it will return to some level of normality many years from now. Yet the flexibility of working from home, avoiding the daily commute, and enabling a true balance between home and work life, for some, has proven too great a thing to give up.
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  • Getting hired in a post-COVID world

    Melissa Pezzimenti


    The first recruitment process I launched since returning to work was one I’ve hired for many times before. We all know things are different now, and what I learned from this recent process may help your job-seeking journey.
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  • Kanban parenting

    Livia Mammarella


    Can’t get your child to brush their teeth? Try a Kanban board. If that doesn’t work, throw in a daily stand-up. 
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  • 10 ways to make your social contract stick



    A social contract is an agreement between the members of your project team regarding how the team will work together and the expected behaviour of all members.
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