The Healthcare industry has a mixed track record in technology adoption. Patient-facing technology continues to advance rapidly, yet many underlying core systems remain under strain. The industry is in the spotlight like never before, and as a result, progressive organisations are rethinking how technology can enable their workflows, data management and deliver better client outcomes.

Kiandra delivers software that enables the health and medical sector to streamline operations and focus on delivering the best of care.

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    With multiple levels of stakeholders, healthcare payments can become extremely complex. Assessing complex rules engines and user experiences can deliver software experiences that result in more accurate and swift payments to providers and clients alike.

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    Technology plays a key role in collecting, tracking, sharing and even evaluating data for researchers, thus supporting new discoveries in health research. Quality database software does so much more than just store data – it democratises access and allows it to be used effectively.

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    Engagement comes in many forms, from providing post-appointment support through reminders and virtual prescriptions, to ensuring citizens adhere to mandatory requirements – quality software not only ensures compliance is captured, but a smooth and respectful experience for all.

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    Ensuring the correct safety protocols are adhered to and measured is essential in healthcare. Compliance requirements are constantly evolving and digital innovation must keep up. The right software platform will not only enable accurate compliance but set the foundations for improvement over time.

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    Research & Data

    The typical research project takes place over several years. Devising a system to not only capture raw information, but to contextualise it is important to long term research goals. Simple and accurate data capture, and the ability to turn data into meaningful insights should be the minimum requirement for any research software.

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    The way patients and healthcare professionals interact has seen a seismic shift, and so has the way information is shared. Offering access to medical records and health results and even engaging directly with professionals, quality patient portal software can improve efficiency for providers and outcomes for patients.

Delivering better

From complex data integration and analysis, to multi-agency workflows – we understand the unique challenges of the health and medical sector. Our immersive and rapid projects will unearth critical insights to deliver software that transforms how your people work.

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A Multiple Sclerosis
monitoring and

To improve treatment and one day find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, the MSBase Foundation created the MSBase Registry – an international online registry that facilitates the collection, tracking, sharing and evaluation of real-world MS patient data in specialist clinical practice.

Recognising the Registry was hampered by technical and usability limitations, including the use of third-party data entry software, the Foundation engaged Kiandra to fully redevelop their platform.

Modernising a
medical research database
from the inside out.

Twins Research Australia (TRA) brings twins and researchers together for vital health research on the effects nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) have on our health. These studies have led to better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of health conditions.

TRA’s database was the best part of 14 years old, built on Microsoft Access and in need of a modern web front end to meet the day to day needs of the organisation and its members. They reached out to Kiandra for a solution.

A medical invoicing system, re-developed
against tight deadlines.

Initially implemented in 1998, the Medical Accounts Assessment System (MAAS) is used to assess, process and verify invoices for Contracted Medical Practitioners who provide fee-for-services in WA public hospitals.

The original system was scheduled for decommission by the Australian Government by 30 June 2019.

WA Health required the re-development of this invoice verification platform to meet the current functionalities of the MAAS system. With no ability to extend the deadline, WA Health needed a solution, fast, and turned to Kiandra.

  • Kiandra is the perfect partner for the healthcare and medical sector.

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    Specialists in rapid software development

    Our rapid software delivery framework and the best acceleration technologies enable our multi-disciplinary team to move quickly, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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    We use the right tools and tech

    From the speed and stability of OutSystems for rapid application development to powerful Kentico for content management and the feature-rich foundations of ASP.NET.Zero — we use the best tech to give you the best experience possible.

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    Quality backed by a 24-month warranty

    All of our software is tested thoroughly against the highest industry standards. This includes unit testing, user acceptance testing and automated testing. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied and we guarantee this with a 24-month warranty.

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