Ethical Marketing Commitment.

At Kiandra, we are committed to solving complex challenges – and we don’t believe that ends in our work as software experts. We want to play a role in solving the hard problems in our world and ensure our work contributes to creating a better one.

For us, this starts with our business approach. Our philosophy is not only based on what value we can bring to our clients but also on the value our work can bring to social and environmental causes.
We hope to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on these shared values goals. 

Marketing is a big part of this approach, and we adhere to ethical marketing practices that support our company's commitment to change the software experience.


Through our ethical marketing practices, we commit to:
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    Transparency & trustworthiness

    For us, this means creating content that isn’t ‘cherry picked’, it is leading industry advice without spin and aims to inform, not misinform. We reject deceptive marketing practices and commit to ensuring our existing and future clients are fully aware of the path to purchase and solution benefits from the marketing front.

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    Protecting our clients

    We commit to protecting our clients’ rights and immediately investigate any complaint. At Kiandra, this means moving to a permission-based email marketing approach and aiming to create value with any of our free content including EDMs, blogs, news items and social media posts.

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    Paying it forward

    We aim to choose environmentally safe options for how we practice our marketing.

    We reject impact washing.

This includes a pledge to:
  1. Choose equal representation of men and women in our language and imagery. 
  2. Remove the use of gender-specific and non-inclusive language and maintain a glossary of words that should be avoided and preferred alternatives.  
  3. Include more regular content about accessibility to raise awareness in our community. Ensure our website is accessible to a WCAG AA standard.  
  4. Include more focus on the positive impacts to people and communities that are derived from our software. All case studies will endeavour to share these stories. 
  5. Be transparent about how we price, and we do not low-ball.
  6. Avoid stereotyping. We will not use images that depict stereotypes in the IT industry such as developers in hoodies or bosses in suits. 
  7. Support diversity and inclusion in our choices in partnerships and suppliers.
  8. Reduce the production of merch and instead, planting trees in exchange for contact details at trade shows. 
Through our ethical social media practices, we commit to:
  • Build relationships with clients based on shared values
  • Celebrate a diversity of perspective, experience, and opinion
  • Act with integrity and respect in creating a safe and inclusive online community
  • Govern our community with a zero-tolerance policy on behaviour that is hateful and knowingly spreads misinformation
  • Operate at the highest level of regional compliance as it relates to data usage and privacy 
  • Actively block and reject all 3rd-party digital media placements on external websites that do not align with our philosophy, spread misinformation, and support hatred and oppression
  • Display product, pricing and purpose accurately and truthfully in all promotions
  • Ensure no data is collected outside what is stated, nor will we share any data or personal details with anything or anyone outside our organisation without permission
  • Ensure we do not purchase links or engage in otherwise unethical behaviour as outlined in Google’s webmaster guidelines.

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