MOIRA provides support for people living with disability, young people experiencing homelessness or other forms of disadvantage, and their families and carers. Across its wide range of services, MOIRA always responds with experience, flexibility and care.

MOIRA works closely with State and Commonwealth government departments, local councils, service providers and the NDIS, always ensuring its own culture of client, community and family-centred programs drives the agenda. This means MOIRA responds to individual needs by working with people creatively and constructively. People’s aspirations and life goals inspire all the work MOIRA does.

MOIRA provides a diverse range of services, from intensive direct support for individuals, to heavily transaction-based financial services. Recently, one of its newer service offerings involved a largely manual and complex business process in which MOIRA was the coordinator of frequent interactions between multiple parties, tracking communications, approvals and actions. The process had multiple touch points and variations of activity flows. It was extremely time consuming and unsustainable given MOIRA’s anticipated growth in this area.

MOIRA recognised the need to automate its processes, providing a ‘single source of truth’ and a consistent approach to drive greater efficiency, accuracy and insights.

MOIRA needed a solution, and needed it quickly, so they turned to Kiandra to tackle the challenge.


In response to MOIRA’s requirement, Kiandra developed a desktop application to automate the management of significant aspects of this business unit.

Leveraging an existing application that MOIRA had written internally, Kiandra developed a “bolted on” front-end, adding new screens to handle document processing, import and export file creation, and email generation. 

A database layer was generated from the existing database, using EntityFramework and a repository layer written in C# was introduced to manage storage and retrieval between the application and the SQL Server database. The approach ensured that the enhancements were compatible with the existing database commands and queries in the application. A logging framework was introduced (log4net) and role-based permissions ensured that access to operationally sensitive areas was restricted to admin-level users.

The implementation of the new desktop solution has empowered MOIRA by providing its staff with the information they need to service their clients and respond to all their needs regarding communications, document processing and approvals, and this is accomplished in a tight, user-friendly, and centralised workflow-enabled system.


The new front-end desktop application has transformed internal processes for MOIRA.
MOIRA now enjoys a powerful business system that has addressed key capability gaps in the following areas:
  • Improved the efficiency of handling client documents and communications
  • Greatly improved the visibility of where any item is in the processing cycle, reducing the amount of manual checking required
  • Provided a single source of truth for all client information
  • Improved delivery of services to clients, specifically in speed of resolving enquiries, and in reducing human processing touchpoints.

The new solution is dynamic and scalable, providing MOIRA with a robust product that will grow and adapt with their business and systems.

Manager - Technology, MOIRA
The investment in the project has already begun to be realised. Kiandra’s solution for MOIRA has transformed our processes for managing client data, and as a result, enabled us to provide an even better service for our growing client base.

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