Property management can be a complex process, as it requires input from three main stakeholders, the tenant, owner and property manager. On top of this, processes can become bloated when different systems are involved to perform functions. The challenge was to streamline this entire process.

The real estate and property industry has, in some ways, lagged behind in technology. Mypm engaged Kiandra in order to bring the industry in line with the service levels of other financial services sectors such as Banks, online share trading, and online retailing.

Mypm Managing Director, Stefan Deffert, said initiating new technology in the industry was a chance to step ahead. “When we first looked at the processes, I told the team, ‘be prepared, we’re heading back to the 80s’. Not much of real estate has moved on since then, hence the opportunity we have in front of us. Landlords have traditionally been the last to know about the goings on of their property - Now we can change this. Information will now be shared with all relevant parties simultaneously,” he said.

The fundamental objective was to passively inform landlords and tenants, thereby empowering them with the knowledge of their property on demand. The automatic availability of this information on demand would remove the vast majority of current manual enquiries, such as telephone and email, to Property Managers and associated administration staff.


The solution vision was delivering the most common requests straight to a landlord and tenant’s smart phone, tablet or desktop. This included, weekly rent, rent paid to date, maintenance requests, confirmation of current rent paid, next routine inspection, lease term and rent review dates.

Kiandra proposed utilising the OutSystems application accelerator platform to build the solutions more swiftly and due to its ability to connect to existing systems more easily. 

This would enable property managers, landlords, tenants and system administrators to use the OutSystems application. The available actions will be tailored based on the logged in user's role and properties to which they are subscribed.


The Mypm app is an industry leading service which places significant control in the hands of landlords and associated parties.
The app provides details of property on demand, and allows landlords and tenants to communicate with Mypm’s property management services easily. It’s revolutionary, it’s empowering, and it’s efficient.

The platform was integrated with an on premise database to retrieve property management and lease information to streamline the processes and create a user-friendly system.
Mr Deffert said the experience, as a whole, was a real eye opener. “My biggest concern was a developer from the technology industry wouldn’t understand the real estate sector, and would be developing an app for a market they didn’t know. But logic prevailed.”

“I was impressed with Kiandra’s ability to interpret the industry. The developers worked on the facts and achieved what they have based on logic. I believe this came from their structured approach at the outset to interpreting our vision.”

“The discovery process was very diligent and well laid out – Kiandra have a very enthusiastic and disciplined approach to discovering the client’s outcomes, and raising important questions at the early stage to pave the way for the build.”

The app is automatically updated following daily banking updates. The Property Manager uploads a single document with the captured banking data to update the app, while landlords and tenants are empowered with knowledge through this industry-leading technology. 

In 2019, the REA Group awarded the Mypm app third place in it's Real Ideas Prize, a ‘shark tank’ style competition for those who work in real estate to pitch their big idea on how to improve the rental experience. 

In 2019, the REA Group awarded the Mypm app third place in its Real Ideas Prize.

Managing Director, Mypm
As with any of project of this size, there are unforeseeable obstacles along the way, - you can’t forecast everything. But for every obstacle that came up, Kiandra were solution-orientated. – They never came to me with a problem, asking 'what do you want to do?' They always came with a solution ready.

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