Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) represents and supports the interests of Independent schools and the students they teach. Founded in 1949, it is a not-for-profit organisation representing 220 Member Schools, which educate over 145,000 students — 15 per cent of all Victorian school students. 

ISV is a member based association that represents, supports and provides products and services so schools can provide the best possible education. One of the ways it does this is by providing support in a wide range of areas, including curriculum development, student welfare, employment relations, training, government compliance and accountability, and communications.

In order to best deliver its mission, ISV needed to innovate and create a digital platform that centralised the requirements of independent schools, while also streamlining services to meet the increasing demands of schools.


After an initial discovery workshop, Kiandra worked closely with the ISV team, including multiple stakeholders across the organisation, to identify the key features required. The solution was to create a ‘one stop platform’ where schools are equipped with the right tools, training resources to manage and lead school performance.

Accessible through a global login, Member Schools would be able to access all ISV products and services available through the platform.

Kiandra chose the powerful and highly-regarded Kentico CMS platform to deliver the platform. Kiandra considered a number of other CMS platforms, however Kentico’s excellent backend functionality, eCommerce suite and large community support made it the obvious choice.


The outcome was the creation of isEducation — a suite of four online products that is part of ISV’s commitment to developing truly innovative solutions that help schools reach their true potential.
Using the platform suite is simple. A single sign-on function means you can toggle between the products you have accounts for, and give different levels of access to those who need it.

isEducation changes the way Member Schools interact with ISV, making it easier and more intuitive to get the resources and tools needed. It is a suite of four online products designed to meet the increasing demands of schools.

isConnect: a dynamic online platform to make process management easy, with information and rich content that helps align systems to meet a school’s strategic goals.

isAnalyse: an online analytics solution to help schools organise and analyse their data to give real, usable insights.

isLearn: a hub of learning options for anyone working in schools to choose and track a unique learning path through a variety of delivery modes, enabling users to choose their own learning path. 

isCommunicate: a powerful collaboration tool that makes teamwork easy whether working online or offline, isCommunicate increases communication and efficiency throughout schools.

ISV’s vision is a strong independent education sector demonstrating best practice, providing excellent outcomes for students and choice for families. In striving to achieve this vision, ISV is helping Independent schools to achieve continuous school improvement and provide the best possible education for the citizens of tomorrow through this new platform.

Head of Innovation, ISV
Working with the team at Kiandra to deliver the isEducation suite has been a truly collaborative and iterative process, that has enabled ISV to ensure the end product is the best it can be to meet the overall vision of the digital solution.

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