The financial services industry has undergone change, in part due to the Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry. Some of these changes and proposed regulations have impacted Centrepoint Alliance’s community of financial advisers.

With this context in mind, Centrepoint Alliance was looking for a new way to engage with its advisers to ensure they continue to be informed of any new regulations as well as continue to receive support from Centrepoint Alliance in a way that is most accessible and helpful to them.


Kiandra proposed creating a landing page for Centrepoint Alliance’s community of advisers to be known as the ‘Virtual Front Door’ that houses relevant and important information and resources.

The portal is built in Umbraco, and enabled Kiandra to leverage its knowledge of the platform to integrate information from Centrepoint Alliance’s data points, including SalesForce.

The ‘Virtual Front Door’, is aimed to better consolidate and display all of Centrepoint Alliance’s education, compliance, training services and resources in an easy to use interface so advisers can more intuitively navigate the portal.


The ‘Virtual Front Door’ was initially just pegged as a proof of concept or basic prototype.
However, after seeing the initial wireframes developed by Kiandra’s UX Specialist, Centrepoint Alliance were very pleased and decided to build it out. It has since been released for a soft launch.

Reception from advisers has been resoundingly positive and Kiandra and Centrepoint Alliance are moving into the second phase of the ‘Adviser Hub’ – this will enhance the functionality built during the soft launch. Centrepoint Alliance has also requested Kiandra to use the Umbraco platform to develop a new extranet for advisers.

"The team were all super professional, experts in their field, and very understanding."

Eoin McDonnell
Head of Technology Delivery and Architecture, Centrepoint Alliance
It was a pleasure working with such a well organised team from Kiandra and rolling out a complex build in such a compressed timeframe.

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