Software Support Agreements

Kiandra has developed a modular Support Agreement format which provides for regular maintenance, proactive monitoring and responsive support services. Support Agreements are tailored to the unique requirements and environment of each client, and can include any or all of the following:

  • Committed response times
  • Dedicated service desk with after-hours service available
  • 24x7 service monitoring and alerts
  • Proactive service management and optimisation, including servers, backup systems, communications, infrastructure
  • Daily vital statistics review
  • Technical support and implementation services
  • Software development, support and implementation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Source code management services
  • SQL Database management, support, maintenance, optimisation and disaster recovery
  • Client environment simulation

How Kiandra delivers

Kiandra's Service Monitoring program provides cost-effective continuous monitoring of client equipment and infrastructure. This service is vital for organisations which have a high reliance on critical infrastructure such as SQL server uptime, internet connectivity, email services and core system availability.

It works by deploying sensors from our management console associated with key equipment and services. Once an issue is detected an alert is sent to the on call Kiandra engineer who logs the ticket. The incident is then managed according to the Service Level Agreement conditions.

Kiandra has the ability to monitor most vital statistics such as disk usage, RAM and CPU utilisation, service start and stop, connectivity and latency and many others.

A separate system to the 24x7 monitoring systems gathers vital statistics regarding the infrastructure's health. Kiandra Service Desk staff review the statistics daily and respond to anomalies as required. This proactive service improves the reliability and performance of the network and supporting systems by detecting issues like low disk space, abnormal server load, poor database performance or unexpected intensive activities, before they become larger issues. It also allows for controlled growth and management, as trending and capacity planning operations can be performed.

Statistics reviewed daily typically include: Server disk usage, Server RAM usage, Server CPU usage, User Login Count, Internet performance, Router Uptime, Firewall Connections, Firewall alerts, VPN Count, WAN performance and Backup System statistics. Your particular requirements dictate which statistics are reviewed.


Experience and certifications

Kiandra has been awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2012 for our software and web development skill, design and quality. Due to the skills of our people and our structured support and maintenance infrastructure, Kiandra can support, manage and maintain your technology environment as required.

Kiandra provides scheduled maintenance services to check, manage and update the required systems, and approve updates when necessary and when time permits. This includes responding to critical issues and out-of-hours consulting when required. Maintenance will be performed using a combination of on-site and remote consulting, as is most suitable.

All support or implementation requests will be logged and managed by Kiandra's Service Desk. A secure client portal will be made available to named client contacts allowing full visibility and tracking of submitted support or maintenance requests.





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