Technical Support

Troubleshooting computer issues requires broad technical knowledge, a logical approach and excellent communication. The complexity of today's business IT means that support organisations must have a large team with extensive experience across a diverse range of technologies and solutions.

Problems encountered and solved daily by the Kiandra Service Desk and Support Engineers can include network connectivity issues, email and internet problems, software-related issues, data backup jobs, missing data, failing PC and server hardware - even printing, virus, faxing and website issues. And with data, applications and email now available on Blackberries, Apple iPhones and other advanced handsets there is yet more knowledge and tools required to support a business' environment.

To Kiandra, support for any problem is about knowledge, process and people.
Chris Munro, Director - Technology Infrastructure

We invest a significant portion of our time in R&D to truly understand the solutions we deliver to our clients. Kiandra Best Practice documents for configuration and support are built and shared with the team. This gives us a strong body of knowledge to leverage to support a wide range of technologies.


Here's the process we follow when addressing issues

The first stage is the detection of the issue - this can occur by a client recognising there is a problem, or by being picked up by Kiandra's monitoring systems, which are available to clients in most Service Agreements.

A ticket is logged by the Melbourne-based Kiandra Service Desk team along with supporting information (details of the problem), and initial, level one troubleshooting is commenced to determine if there is a quick-fix available. A ticket number is generated at this point and this is used to track the progress of the problem.

The Service Desk is the central point of contact for the entire support process, and is responsible for managing the ticket throughout its lifecycle.

Remote support tools are normally used to gather preliminary information, or it may be deduced from the client calling in with the issue. Most service agreements have performance targets in place - service level agreements - which specify the responsiveness of support services from the time an issue is detected and acknowledged, until the time we commence troubleshooting and resolution services.

If the issue cannot be solved in the first instance, it is escalated to a support engineer with skills in the relevant technologies to perform further troubleshooting and resolution tasks. All information logged by the Service Desk is immediately available to the support engineer working on the problem, keeping the process quick and efficient.

There are various workflow rules in place to ensure that tickets and problems are never abandoned, that clients are always informed on the progress of the issue, and that the amount of time spent working on an issue is suitable managed.

We ensure that the time taken is appropriate for the specifics and impact of any given problem.

All works performed are recorded progressively and time-stamped so that reviews of larger tickets can be conducted and so there is a continuum of knowledge if the ticket needs to be escalated again. This also means that if an engineer working on a ticket is not able to complete the support process then another team member can pick up the ticket efficiently.

Once a problem has been resolved, the ticket is marked complete, pending follow-up, with a summary of the cause and resolution drafted for future troubleshooting assistance. The client is contacted approximately 24 hours following the resolution of the issue to confirm that the problem is fixed at which point the ticket is formally closed.

The Service Desk team is overseen by the Service Desk Manager who in turn reports to the Technology Infrastructure Manager to ensure that the most efficient and appropriate course of action is taken for all tickets.

Comprehensive, in-depth reviews are conducted during and after large problems to ensure that our people and processes are the best they can be.



The design and selection of the centralised Service Desk, the ticketing system and the progressive documentation requirements mean that we have completely removed key person dependencies for the entire team. By distributing tickets for all clients across the entire support team we have a number of knowledgeable engineers available at any one time. 


Experience and certifications

In order for our clients to receive the best possible solutions, Kiandra has established solid business partnerships with the industry’s leading IT vendors.

In particular the company is a Microsoft Partner with multiple Gold Competencies, Citrix Silver Partner, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, Veeam Silver Partner, EMC Affiliate Elite Partner, Symantec Silver Partner, Cisco Premier Certified Partner, Dell Authorised Partner, and a HP Business Partner.

Our expert IT professionals hold tertiary certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degrees, certifications in Prince2 and PMBOK, as well as Microsoft MCP and MCSE, Cisco CCNA, Symantec STS, VMware VCP, Citrix CCEA and CCA certifications proving they have the expert skills and knowledge to work with the solutions we deliver. 

Kiandra has a unique team of happy, passionate and certified professionals who care about the work they do and the results they achieve.

Kiandra staff work under strict ethical and reporting requirements and we have a team of people who have undergone satisfactory state and federal police checks - National Names Check and/or Police and Fingerprint Search (Australian).

Maintaining a high level of partnership and certification allows Kiandra continuously access best practice methodologies from vendors and incorporate it in our service offerings for the benefit of our clients.

We've been testing, building and supporting technology solutions for business since 1995 and we think our team and our abilities puts us ahead of the rest.





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