Green IT

With global warming, climate change and the release of the carbon tax, reducing carbon emissions is on the concerned minds of business leaders everywhere, and Green IT is fast becoming a key topic of conversation for IT companies.

Green IT refers to environmentally sustainable computing and technology. At Kiandra we are dedicated to providing you with sustainable solution options.
Chris Munro, Director - Technology Infrastructure 


Business benefits

Technology is a large energy consumer yet it's easy to reduce its carbon emissions, saving the environment and your bottom line.

Carbon emission control is a complex and multifaceted issue however there are several things businesses can do to reduce emissions from their technology environments:

  • Implement power saving policies on your PCs to save power when not in use.
  • Server virtualisation can reduce the number of servers you need, and consequently the amount of power running and cooling them. Fewer servers mean fewer emissions from the manufacturing, transportation and disposal processes.
  • Turn off your PCs at night unless maintenance operations require they are left on.
  • Reduce printing - do you really need to print that email or PDF? If you do print, print double-sided or 2 pages to a page to reduce not just the paper you're using but the corresponding carbon emissions from the plantation, the mill, and during transportation.
  • Implement remote access technologies if you don't already have them. These can reduce the need to drive or train in to the office, reducing transportation emissions.
  • Consider integrated services such as Voice Over IP (VOIP) to reduce equipment power requirements and increase utilisation of communications infrastructure.
  • Ask your IT professional to recommend the right mix of on premise and Cloud solutions to suit your business needs. Cloud Computing solutions are options where shared resources, software and information are provided on demand to your computer.
  • Purchase PC/Server/Printer equipment that have higher energy efficiency ratings. Did you know that TFT/LCD screens (flat screens) consume less than half the power of older, glass-tube CRT monitors.
  • Consider videoconferencing and collaboration systems to reduce the need to travel on planes and in cars.
  • Consider software development services to replace manual or paper-intensive processes. Not only will you gain operational efficiencies and a lower bottom line, you may be able to reduce your impact on the environment.

How Kiandra delivers

Kiandra's Server virtualisation implementations allow for the running of multiple independent virtual operating systems on the one physical hardware platform. The key benefits this has over a traditional single-server single-platform model are reduced hardware costs, greater utilisation of hardware resources and lower power and cooling requirements, which makes it better for the environment.

A typical server may operate at 30% utilisation, which means that 70% of its available resources are unused. Server virtualisation improves utilisation by allowing additional virtual servers to be run on the one physical host, thereby using previously untapped but available resources.

Since it's possible to run more than one server on each physical host, we can reduce the number of servers deployed, which means lower power consumption (reduced hardware power requirements as well as cooling requirements), reduced emissions due to lower manufacturing need, and reduced disposal problems at the end of the lifecycle. And it means less money spent on hardware and hardware warranties.

Experience and certifications

Kiandra is a certified VMware Enterprise Partner and can help design, implement and maintain a server virtualisation solution specific to your needs. And we know it because we do it - Kiandra's core and test infrastructures utilise VMware ESX Server running on HP and Dell servers.

At Kiandra, four hardware hosts run 29 virtual guest servers including Microsoft and Linux operating systems and these provide the backend for all core and testing/development platforms.





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