Business Analysis Services

Does your business have a problem that you can’t quite pinpoint? Do you have a process that is breaking down somewhere in the chain, but you can’t determine where or why? Maybe the various departments within your business appear to be on the same page but each is interpreting something differently. Or perhaps you know there must be an easier way to complete an operational task, but don’t know what it is.

Kiandra’s IT professionals are experienced in acting as a liaison between the different departments within your business, setting the wheels in motion to allow all relevant stakeholders fully understand what is required.

Kiandra’s experts can work with you to formulate a plan of action to pinpoint where a problem exists. Using the research and data gathered we narrow down the problem and determine the best course of action for your business.
Martin Cooperwaite, Director - Software Development 

We weigh up all the facts and do the necessary research to bring structure and formalisation of requirements into the process, resulting in increased foresight for the business. Once all departments/teams know what is required of them we can keep each stakeholder informed of the others performance and completion of set tasks.

Kiandra offers a range of Business Analysis Services which can be bundled with other services or tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Business and Systems Consulting

Business / Systems Analysis and Consulting
Our business analysts can analyse your organisation and assess business models and their integration with technology to better align IT with business. We can convert  detailed business rules into system requirements or convert shareholder return and risk appetite into strategic plans.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPM) is a holistic management approach focused on aligning all aspects of your organisation with the wants and needs of clients and staff. We can help you promote business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. Kiandra’s BPM expertise enables your organisation to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.

As a part of BPM we look at Business Process Mapping or Reengineering.  We can help you ensure the optimum process is followed, and continually improved to ensure processes use the least amount of resources and are as efficient as possible.

Concept Exploration / Feasibility Analysis
Kiandra can work with you to determine whether or not, given the project environment, a project will be successful. A Feasibility Analysis may be conducted for a project with an emphasis on financial viability, environmental integrity, cultural acceptability, or political practicability. It is a determination as to the likelihood of success and a description of how that determination was achieved.

Business Case Establishment & Project Scoping
By providing new insights into the ideas that you have for your business, we can help devise business cases that deliver quantification of initiatives and ensure that the message is received by stakeholders in the most persuasive light, creating senior management and executive support that enables the project sponsor to deliver results.

Requirements Gathering & Specifications
A Requirements Specification is a detailed document that outlines Kiandra's understanding of your current and/or target system. It is typically used as a precursor to the development phase, however we can also prepare a requirements specification to enable you to take the development stage to tender. 

Solution Analysis & Design
Our Solution Analysis and Design helps you understand how to get the best possible return on your IT investment dollars. We provide data to use in evaluating competing IT investment approaches, take the guesswork out of how capital dollars can be most effectively spent and help you get a better return on your IT investment dollars.

We look at the full spectrum of IT investment costs – including hardware, software, maintenance, training, applications development, downtime and end-of-life disposition – and deliver comparative results that drive smarter IT investment decisions.

IT Risk Management

Technology / Security / Systems Audit
Our audits examine the management controls within your IT infrastructure. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve your goals and objectives and keep your business secure.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning
Our Business Continuity services will enable all aspects of your business to function  in the midst of disruptive events. Disaster Recovery is a subset of business continuity and our services examine the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to your organisation after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Self Managed Support Systems

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings
Our SaaS solutions include Service Desk and IT Systems Management software delivered over the Internet.

Our Service Desk software solution automates your Service Desk function, while allowing you to retain complete control over your Service Desk – escalating tickets internally to your team or externally to Kiandra when the load gets too heavy.

Our IT Systems Management software provides you with a leading edge, enterprise level monitoring and management platform to improve availability, performance and visibility of your systems, reducing the cost and consumption of IT. 

Experience and Certifications

Kiandra's Business Services team are highly skilled and experienced in business analysis, articulation of business processes and working with clients directly to determine appropriate solutions.

We have been engaged by a range of organisations from the Victorian Government through to corporates to deliver business and systems analysis and consulting.

Our industry development certifications combined with our business process management experience ensure you set your organisation or solution along the correct path right from the start.





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